Remote Access Sampler for In-Situ Time-Series Fluid Sampling (RAS)

RAS sampler in foreground with “Kiss” mound vent in background. Intake with temperature recorder is installed in diffuse flow on this active mound at Clam Bed

Close-up of the titanium-frame RAS at “Kiss” prior to deployment. The main 50-port valve is in the center, with teflon tubes going to each sample container beneath the blue filter holders. Fluid is pumped through the stainless-steel clad teflon tube from the vent and into the valve and then directed to one of the 48 sample holders. Between samples, a small amount of acid is backflushed into the line to prevent clogging in the valve. Dive 729.

Close-up of the intake installed in the vent at Clam Bed. The bare teflon intake line is protected inside a titanium tube to avoid clogging during deployment. A mini-temperature recorder (MTR, courtesy of Ed Baker, NOAA) is attached to the intake tube and records temperature every 15 minutes for the duration of the deployment. Dive 729.