Ben Larson

Iím out on the ocean with nothing to do,
But build up my sensors and make them read true.
For this kind of work, Iíve got tools of all kind,
Some nice and normal, some boggle the mind.

Iíve got wrenches and drivers, both Phillips and flat,
Suppliers of power and cables that chat.
Thereís tin snips and test clips and drill bits galore,
Connectors, dissectors and meters and more.

Iíve got kite twine and solder and cutters of tube,
And this guck for my o-rings, itís some kind of lube ,
Thereís lithium batteries and green circuit boards,
A funnel in case something needs to be poured.

Iíve got wire and bands, both made of titanium,
Excedrin for the occasional pain in my cranium.
Thereís ICL cones and orange spiral wrap,
And computers so small, they fit on your lap.

Iíve got bungee for tying stuff down to the bench,
All manner of screws and a spiffy torque wrench.
Thereís plastic zip ties for keeping things neat,
And Fiberglass sleeving, at least 90 feet.

Iíve got cylindrical cases with titanium caps,
And molecular sieves for water mishaps.
Thereís sensors for chloride, $3,000 a shot,
Sometimes they workÖsometimes not.

I guess you could say thatís a mighty big list,
Yet I canít help but feel thereís something Iíve missed.
Ah, silly me, Thatís it! But of course! ,
More useful than code by a fella named Morse! ,

Itís gray and itís sticky and one side is shiny,
More than a few times, itís rescued my hiney.
The sound when itís peeled makes you jump off your seat,
And the scent that arises, oh what a treat! ,

It works magic and wonders in all kinds of places,
From deep ocean vents to those talkative faces,
Manís best idea since he came from the ape,
Where would I be without my roll of duct tape.

Poem written by Ben Larson inspired by his work on the VISIONS05 research cruise - VR

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