Camille Flourney, Student, O'Leary Junior High School, Twin Falls, ID

Across the ocean and into its depths
Lie discoveries unknown to man
Only when the time be right,
Will Nature reveal her hidden hand.
For all who knew
There’s more to know
Of secrets in the deep.

The glassy softness of the water
Laps gently at ocean shores
Calling to those who dare to seek
The secrets of the deep.

The ocean calls my name
To where I know not
I will follow to seek,
But to seek I must follow

Behold you there
What I have found
Never a treasure will you see
As that of the ocean deep.

This poem was sent by Mrs. Jo Dodds, REVELer 2005, with the following comments.
Cami wrote in her journal, “I was inspired to write this poem because in the past few weeks I have come to understand what scientists are striving to find. The poem above is dedicated to those who have dedicated their lives to science”.

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